19 legit reasons to keep blogging (regardless of if anyone reads it)

In summary Think of each blog post as one step in a marathon--after enough of them, you've put a lot of road behind you and people are turning out to watch.

This post is killing two birds with one stone. Bird 1: it’s a follow-up to my last post about why we should all be blogging in the first place. Bird 2: it’s a response to this guy over on Linkedin who told us all why he’s not reading our corporate blogs (spoiler alert: they’re boring and self-serving). Secret Bird 3: I’m technically a Millennial who grew up with the Internet and this is fulfilling my “pay attention to meeeee” complex for the day. Wait, did I just write that out loud?

Why bore you with verbose paragraphs? Let’s list this b**ch and be done with it:

  1. Your writing will suck less improve.
  2. You’ll find your voice (though you likely won’t become The Voice).
  3. Think of it as the journal you secretly want people to steal and read (your little brother/sister always knew it).
  4. You can call yourself a writer.
  5. It gives you something productive to do on those slow days you’re caught up.
  6. It can complete the learning process.
  7. Flexing creativity muscles helps them grow.
  8. Looking through stock photos sure beats staring at a cubical wall.
  9. It can be fun.
  10. It can be cathartic to solving a problem you’ve been stuck on.
  11. You’ll feel smarter.
  12. It’ll give you something to Tweet about.
  13. You can (try to) tie in your actual interests with your job.
  14. You’ll remember why you like your job.
  15. You can say “bitch” on your company website (see above)—twice—possibly with no repercussions.
  16. You don’t need to replace half your words with a thesaurus to impress anyone (especially since no one’s gonna read it, anyway).
  17. You’ll make your SEO guy stop whining about fresh content happy.
  18. Three words: Office Space GIFs.
  19. Someday, someone somewhere will find something you said worthwhile (hi, Mom!).