ARTS Wake Forest logo reveal follows new name announcement

In summary Color and chaos predominate in a new logo for the 25-year-old ARTS Wake Forest, a nonprofit founded to help bring more local art to the community.

Founded in 1990, ARTS Wake Forest has been supporting and enhancing a strong, vibrant community through the development, promotion and coordination of arts and cultural activities in Wake Forest and the surrounding areas. In 2018, the non-profit organization resolved to literally put the “arts” first and changed its name from Wake Forest Arts to ARTS Wake Forest. Though beneath the radar of many Wake Forest residents, AWF organizes the annual Six Sundays in Spring outdoor concert series, the thrice-yearly Neck of the Woods local variety show, the Music at Midday concert series, the Wake Forest Holiday Artisans’ Market and the Wake Forest Dance Festival, among other events.

In conceiving a new look for ARTS Wake Forest, Strategic Insights shared a range of logos with the group’s board of directors. The clear favorite featured a contemporary, abstract splash of blending colors. In replacing the previous logo, which featured an artist’s paintbrush, Strategic Insights consciously chose to avoid depicting any specific type of artistic expression. “After all,” said ARTS Wake Forest President Mary Petritich, “art comes in many forms: music, dance, spoken word, written word, sculpture, and visual. Our new logo is much more inclusive and representative of our mission.”