New Eaton partner website for Stoof, launched without a goof

In summary There once was a company named Stoof. Who viewed our web work as proof. That we could deliver, something more than chopped liver. And the subsequent website was proof.

Strategic Insights has launched an Eaton partner website or two (or a lot more than two) over the years, and it was precisely that experience that Pittsburgh-based R.M. Stoof & Associates was after. It’s a natural extension of our long-running relationship with Eaton itself, a century-plus-old company who sells its products and services through a channel of resellers, or “partners.” In most cases, these partners also represent competitive products, but our goal is to put their Eaton offerings front and center as much as possible for a win-win-win.

In this case, we recommended an extensive series of drop-down items under the Products tab for improved navigation and organization. Once a visitor determined what type of product was needed, the subsequent page would display what manufacturers R.M. Stoof represented–in many cases Eaton was present, but not in every case.

Along the way, we offered to redesign the company’s original logo, in place since 1993, to invigorate the brand and bring it in line with the palette and contemporary design of the website. We settled on a simple but energetic depiction of a lightning bolt–signifying “power”–emerging from the negative space amid a purposeful arrangement of shapes in various shades of blue. Current president Jim Stoof was quite pleased with the result and plans to use it elsewhere on other marketing materials.

Of the website itself, Hannah Stoof, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, commented, “We appreciate all of Strategic Insights’ hard work on our Eaton partner website. It looks great, and we will definitely be reaching out to develop other complementary ideas to enhance the website.”

You heard it straight from the source, so you know it’s the troof truth.