Brand Identity Case Study: TheftZapper

In summary Every so often, we're privileged to cross paths with a company in need of exactly what we do best. This was the case with Perimeter Security Systems, a Charlotte, NC-based industrial fencing company.

Make no mistake, “Perimeter Security Systems” is a GREAT set of keywords in the category of electrified perimeter fencing. However, as a memorable brand identity, we felt there was room for improvement. [Disclaimer: we understand the name “Strategic Insights Brand Marketing” doesn’t give us much room to talk, but it has literally decades of equity at this point].

We all have to start somewhere, and this brand identity saw the company through a period of significant organic growth.

The company had grown organically because it had a good product and an honest, charismatic owner. When he contacted us, growth had begun to plateau, so we suggested a healthy dose of branding and marketing–neither of which had been deployed to any extent. After exploring many different options for both names and logos, we arrived at the winning combination you see above.

Building on the strength of this identity, we designed and built a brand new website, shot a library of original videos on-site to showcase actual customer testimonials, and created a package of printed materials for the company’s sales team. Within a few short weeks, Perimeter Security Systems had been transformed from a solid-if-undistinguished presence in the marketplace to presenting itself as a category leader.

While we all believed it was a giant step forward from the red-and-blue-gradient-90s-swoosh days, no one could foresee what this would lead to.

TheftZapper took off, first matching and then exceeding the growth of its former self, Perimeter Security Systems. Success attracts fans, and within a few years, TheftZapper attracted the attention of an investor group interested in acquiring the now-hot brand. They came to terms, the sale was closed and the name and logo were retired when the company was absorbed into a larger competitor.

Bottom line: the right name and logo can set you up for success in more ways than one.