Strategic Insights delivers web portal solutions to enterprise companies

In summary Eaton awarded Strategic Insights the partner portal project after seeing similar work the company had done for Cisco and

A custom web portal is an online platform that collects information from different sources into a single interface to present users with the most relevant information for their context. Over time, simple web portals have evolved into portal platforms that support digital customer experience initiatives. As a brand marketing firm, Strategic Insights has been riding the digital wave since the web’s infancy. Designing and building websites has long been an in-house specialty, while many other marketing companies continue to outsource. The company has created effective and award-winning sites for SaaS-based tech companies, banks, restaurants, retail chains and government agencies. This marriage of marketing and technology has enabled the company to push the boundaries and solve other problems online.

Eaton Corporation, the global leader in electrical systems and components, recently needed a partner portal for its Power Quality division. Eaton awarded Strategic Insights the project after seeing similar partner portal work the company had done for Cisco and “Using .net, the latest javascript and Flash elements,” explained Chris Griffin, associate creative director, “we created a Power Advantage portal that serves as a central repository for training resources and marketing materials to enable their partner network.”

Griffin, an accomplished web designer, is consistently on top of trends and best practices and is well-versed in the medium’s requisite programs and languages. An admitted “knowledge junkie,” his aggressive pursuit of technology has poised the company for even more ambitious projects. After delivering an acclaimed web-based solution for Cisco, Strategic Insights spun off a marketing technology arm, SharedVue, in 2007 and now offers marketing and design services to its sister company.

As another example, Hewlett Packard tapped Strategic Insights for a graphic interface for its content syndication solution, developed by SharedVue. “We provided a set of skins with a range of color palettes,” said director of web services David Ford, “so HP partners are able to mix and match a look to suit their individual websites.”

“If you’ve got a marketing challenge, online or off, we make it our business to solve it quickly and effectively,” Griffin said. “We’re lucky to have such a versatile and talented set of people ready to generate unexpected ideas. Given our passion for strategy, creativity and all things digital, there are no barriers here.”