Your call is very important to us. No, really.

In summary Do companies still think they can get by with lousy customer service?

Customer service is your brand, as much as any product you sell or that logo on your letterhead.

Do companies still think they can get by with lousy customer service? Apparently. I ordered a Star Wars poster (Episode IV) from a movie poster website nearly three months ago for my son’s birthday in late June. To make sure I would receive it in time, I ordered it three weeks early. I got an email saying it was going to ship mere days before his birthday. His birthday came and went. June came and went. July came and went.

In mid-August, I got another email saying it was finally shipping. Turns out it was on “backorder.” My son didn’t know this present was coming, or I’d have been harassing them much more vigilantly.

When it arrived, it was the wrong size. I called them the next day. On the sixth attempt, and after two unanswered emails, someone finally answered. It sounded like I had woken him up. His response? A mumbled, “Sorry…most people don’t care about size.” He said a new one would ship out by the end of the week and I could send back the original (which arrived dented, by the way). Naturally, I have yet to see it.

One of our clients solicits feedback regularly from its customers with organized meetings, and then acts on the valid–and feasible–suggestions. Another one of our clients had us implement a feedback mechanism into all of their locations’ websites to respond to customers’ experiences, both good and bad. These clients are successful, are growing year after year and have a loyal following.

I can only hope I receive my poster before this place goes under entirely. Maybe I can give it to my grandson.