Feeling​ the squeeze, Strategic Insights delivers

In summary An innovative new pet supply startup delights dogs with wholesome food in an easy-to-dispense package.

“Dog squeeze treats” yields 6 million results in a Google search. However, independent, solopreneur Hedda’s Squeeze Treats is #1, owing to its Strategic Insights-designed website. We often take on clients and projects that begin with these four words: “I need a website.” But when is a website not a website? When it also serves as an introduction and education to an entirely new category of pet product.

While “tube food” is well-known and popular in parts of Europe, over here we associate it more with dental hygiene. Luckily, dogs don’t care how their treats are dispensed. Hedda, the founder of the eponymous squeeze treats, has both a European background and a long history of training dogs. After her homemade squeeze treats proved popular with her own dogs, she began using them in her business. Once her clients saw their dog’s reactions, they told her, “These are so good, you should be selling them!”

Hedda’s is a family business, and her husband Mike said, “We very much enjoyed the process of developing our website with Strategic Insights. They were an extreme pleasure to work with – always thoughtful and helpful. More importantly, they came to the table with creative ideas that supplemented our original notions.”

Site designer Chris Griffin sought a professional yet whimsical style, ever aware that the product being sold was a treat. Likewise, the copy keeps the tone light but informative, striving to educate visitors to the new category of squeeze treats and position Hedda’s at the forefront of it.

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, we invite you to visit the site and satisfy your curiosity.

Unless you’re a cat, in which case it might be fatal.