Intelligent Power Manager video: Eaton knows how to stay cool

In summary Business continuity is a pretty cool concept. Eaton raises the bar with software that does its part remotely and automatically.


Eaton software videos are always welcomed at Strategic Insights. Preventing racks and servers from overheating isn’t a problem many people face, but for those who do face it, it can be critical and lead to power outages, severe downtime and data and revenue loss. Fortunately, Eaton has an automated way to monitor and correct for this, a software known as Intelligent Power Manager, or IPM. The software keeps track of rack temperatures and not only alerts users when conditions are dangerous, it actually takes corrective steps on its own to solve the problem.

The video we developed served both as a promotional tool and an instructional walk-through on how to install and set up IPM. Through a combination of stock footage, kinetic typography, music, narration and digital effects, we were able to communicate the urgency of a problem many customers were ignoring to their detriment. The themes of “hot” and “cool” made for good conflict and lent themselves to memorable visuals and a persuasive script.