Raising awareness of fresher, cheaper ice

In summary Prepare for a new ice age, one where all drinks are chilled with the cheapest, freshest cubes available.

Fresher cheaper ice is just a short drive away, thanks to NC Icehouse. Did you know that the pre-bagged ice available in grocery and convenience stores may have been there for weeks? Neither did Strategic Insights, but after NC Icehouse shared this cold reality, the agency designed and built a new website as well as produced an animated TV commercial and a fun parody video that seized the momentum behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. North Carolina Icehouse set out to revolutionize the way people buy their ice and water and is now one of the leading ice vending machine operators in NC. Fresh ice and water on demand is what drives every transaction. The company also arranges Icehouse ownership for investors, helping with site location, permits and all construction and maintenance. As summers seem to be getting hotter, NC Icehouse is poised to thrive.