Hanover researches options, selects Strategic Insights

In summary Industry thought leader collaborates with Strategic Insights on entirely new website.

Hanover Research’s website, like many others, had aged out of its design and functionality. Strategic Insights collaborated on a powerful new online presence. While what we know will always be paramount for our clients–and we are enhancing what we know on a regular basis–sometimes who you know can push you over the edge. Strategic Insights had worked with Karla Lawson at British Standards International, a global firm with headquarters in Herndon, VA. While BSI remains a client, Karla moved on to an opportunity with Hanover Research, also Herndon-based. One of the first tasks she was entrusted with was overhauling the corporate website.

Hanover provides high-quality research and analytics through a subscription model, helping executives make more informed decisions. Their client base is divided between educational institutions and corporations, and after extensive discussion and planning with Strategic Insights’ web development team, all agreed the website should guide visitors down the proper path depending on their needs. Beyond that simple but crucial structural change, the website was redesigned and rebuilt from scratch to reflect an established, professional organization that is a thought leader in its industry.