Exeld logo puts a friendlier face on industrial manufacturing

In summary A bold combination blend of type, graphics and a limited color palette evokes large-scale manufacturing while conveying the product's purpose: stronger, longer-lasting welds.

Industrial logos aren’t something one goes out and seeks–at least we don’t. Where would you start? However, smart industrial manufacturers like Australia-based Iluka know that the less “mainstream” your product is, the more a solid logo can help people understand its purpose–and yes, personality.

With roots dating to 1954, Iluka is an international company with expertise in exploration, development, mining, processing, marketing and rehabilitation. lluka has led the industry in the exploration, innovation and industrial application of mineral sands (are we out of the mainstream yet?). The company recently acquired a multi-mine operation in Sierra Leone that has long been considered one of the world’s premium sources of rutile (journey complete). Iluka’s proprietary product Exeld enhances the welding process to create stronger, longer-lasting welds.

Using guidance provided by the client as well as the context provided by existing and historical Iluka marketing materials, Chris Griffin devised a bold combination of type, graphics and using a limited color palette that evokes large-scale manufacturing while conveying–through the use of “glowing” crossed X’s–the product’s purpose.