Instructional corporate videos keep Eaton partners up to speed

In summary Visual learning is proven to transmit messages faster, improve comprehension and improve retention.


Quickly, economically-produced instructional corporate videos can keep your salesforce or customers educated and on top of industry developments. Given the choice between downloading and (ugh) reading a PDF or watching a 3-minute video, which sounds more appealing? We are living in a visual age, and even education is turning more toward image- and video-based learning vs. text-only. Case-in-point: if you want to know how to replace your car’s headlight bulb, do you consult the brick of an owner’s manual in your glove compartment or do you grab your phone and pull up YouTube?

With help from Strategic Insights, worldwide power protection company Eaton has been producing a steady stream of instructional videos for a range of different internal audiences, from their own employees to their sales partners. To keep turnaround quick and budgets responsible, we shoot these with a minimum of fuss and special effects, using a simple green screen background behind an Eaton presenter using a teleprompter. Afterward, we add in additional images and text overlays to emphasize important points.

Because these are meant for an industry-specific, technical audience, we’re unable to share the actual videos with you, but if you happen to know an Eaton employee who’s willing to let you watch over his or her shoulder, ask them to log into the Eaton Power Advantage portal, another project we developed and launched with Eaton years ago.