New Builders Mutual logo takes the cake, while employees enjoy a “break.”

In summary Strategic Insights recently created a logo and sponsored a pool table for client Builders Mutual's employee break room.

Internal branding is one of those solutions hiding in plain sight–and one that can have a profound effect on positive corporate culture. When Builders Mutual Insurance Company approached Strategic Insights to develop a logo for their employee break room, the agency decided to raise the stakes.

“We took the term ‘break room’ literally,” said Creative Director Bill Cokas. “Without something to actually break, the room wouldn’t be living up to its name. A pool table served our purpose nicely.”

Strategic Insights has worked with Builders Mutual for 10+ years, helping them grow into the multi-state insurance force they are today. CEO John Q. Beard presided over the five most prosperous years in Builders Mutual history. When he announced his retirement, the rest of the C-suite agreed to honor his contributions to the company in a way that everyone could enjoy. Knowing Beard’s fondness for games, an area for people to gather together and relax and play seemed fitting.

“We definitely work hard around here,” remarked Director of Marketing Jodi Vedelli, “so a place where employees can occasionally socialize and wind down will go a long way toward sustaining morale and productivity. And sometimes, great business ideas can materialize when business is the furthest thing from your mind.”

An unfurnished area on the first floor of Builders Mutual’s new headquarters was designated the future home of “Q’s Corner.” The name was meant to connect the room to both John “Q.” Beard and the cue sticks used in the game of pool. But so far, only tables, chairs and a foosball table had been purchased for the room.

Strategic Insights offered to sponsor a pool table to finish off the space. Some might call it a long-delayed display of reciprocity; Builders Mutual had presented an air hockey table to the agency years before in appreciation for its hard work.

Both the logo and the pool table were unveiled at a company-wide event hosted by management on June 12. President/CEO Reid Overcash and account executive Marie Duncan from Strategic Insights were on hand to witness the reaction. “The pool table drew a round of applause, and everyone was very complimentary of the logo,” commented Duncan. “Some went so far as to call it ‘delicious.’”

Pictures of the event and “Q’s Corner” cake can be seen on our Flickr account.