Clients can be the best source of new business

In summary Our offer still stands: send us a name and (once the deal is inked) we'll send you some swag.

Our Kindle referral program isn’t a scam after all! Just ask Kelly Lewis, Marketing Director for Carolina Back Institute. We’ve worked with Kelly and Carolina Back for a number of years, helping develop their new website and graphic design for other materials to help them help their patients. If you know Kelly, you know she’s very friendly and approachable. Therefore, she was approached by Pat Mills of Cary Ortho, who was looking for a group to develop a website for Dr. Sameer Mathur. Kelly unhesitatingly recommended Strategic Insights.

After meeting with Pat and Dr. Mathur, we all agreed to work together and we had his site up and running by March 2013. To thank Kelly for the referral–as our program promises–we sent her an original Kindle eReader. She says it’s been very enjoyable, on the rare occasions when she’s allowed to use it (Kelly has two adolescent daughters who are avid readers). She’s even attempting to read one of Creative Director Bill Cokas’ recent novels (though not the one about a comical-yet-deadly advertising scheme).

Of her experience with Strategic Insights, Kelly says, “We have worked with Strategic Insights for many years on several projects and it has always been a fantastic experience. The professionalism, feedback, and willingness to listen to our specific needs made my role as Marketing Director an easy one on this particular project.”

Our offer still stands: send us a name and (once the deal is inked) we’ll send you some swag.

(Postscript: Pat Mills has just referred Strategic Insights to yet another group needing a website. And the chain continues…)