Bulldog accessory website launched without a wrinkle

In summary Pet lover and entrepreneur introduces safe, effective way to help keep wrinkled dogs clean and healthy.

Pet products and website design intrigue us alike, dog lovers that we are. We recently helped startup brand Squishface take its message and product line to the next level. Our web development and graphic design teams came through with a new website and accompanying package designs. Squishface develops proprietary pet products for specific breeds of dogs–in this case, the wrinkly ones. Think bulldogs (English and French), pugs, Sharpeis and older dogs leery of plastic surgery. On the heels (paws?) of successfully rolling out the USA-made Squishface Wrinkle Paste, the company introduced a companion cleanser. Squishface Tear Stain Paste is meant for “crying” breeds like Shih-tzus, Malteses and poodles. Strategic Insights provided the designs for all packaging, using original illustrations of various breeds. The website features a before-and-after photo gallery to show the efficacy of the products. It also provides ecommerce links to enable immediate purchase.