Strategic Insights is off with the Pixies!

In summary Strategic Insights will never be Pixar, but then, Pixar never won a Pixie for its video work.


You may be thinking, “but wait, isn’t that an Irish phrase that means ‘mentally unsound or eccentric, not in touch with reality, or incapacitated by alcohol?’” And our answer would be “all three!” But in this case, it means we’ve been awarded a Gold Pixie in the video animation category for work we completed at the request of client British Standards International. The resulting video for Action Manager software was an original concept and storyline and featured a great deal of motion graphics and character animation, all rendered in-house by associate creative director Chris Griffin. The action in “Action Manager” follows the trials of one hapless “Randall” (so named by Chris) who endeavors to find archaic solutions to modern business problems. Would that he would just contact BSI! The client was thrilled with the end product and has plans to continue Randall’s exploits in a series of sequels.

The mission of The Pixie Awards is to honor and promote outstanding individual work in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Animation. The Pixie Awards is sponsored by the American Pixel Academy, founded in 2008 by David E. Carter, also the founder of the Telly Awards and American Corporate Identity, and editor of the Creativity Annual.