State Auditor’s website comes in on budget

In summary Campaigning for her fourth term, North Carolina State Auditor returns to Strategic Insights for more of the magic that helped elected her three times previously.

Political campaign branding has been a regular, if sporadic, part of our business for years. The North Carolina State Auditor is a non-partisan, elected position charged with exposing fraud, waste and misspending in our state government. Beth Wood has been NC State Auditor since winning election in 2008 (using campaign materials developed by Strategic Insights). Most recently, Wood enlisted the agency to design and build a website that could serve as a platform for her in-office accomplishments as well as generate momentum for a re-election campaign in 2020.

The site features a compact, “one-page” structure that is becoming more popular as scrolling overtakes clicking as the favored means of navigation for people on mobile devices. The website is a veritable one-stop-shop for the State Auditor, as it runs down her career to date, lists her mounting achievements while in office and provides a way to donate to and volunteer for her upcoming campaign.