Even when our business is technology, it still comes down to people

Around here, satisfied clients aren’t exactly “news,” since it’s a daily (if not hourly) goal of ours. But every once in a while, a client articulates their satisfaction so eloquently, that we can’t help but bask in it ever so briefly.  And then of course, it’s back to work.  All that basking can leave other clients unattended.  What follows is a recent letter from a client regarding a website we had just completed.  And while we find pleasure in our own work, when we get feedback like this from a client, that’s just icing on the cake.

I am writing to express my appreciation of David Ford. I have worked closely with him and Sara Bryson on the design, development, and implementation of our new website.

Strategic Insights was recommended to this client by Cisco. Based on the Cisco partnership, I expected to have a website that was professionally & creatively designed. David delivered this and demonstrated his strong technical development & design talents.

What caught me by surprise was David’s style & approach. He represents your organization to your clients in a positive & collaborative way. He was responsive, informative, professional, articulate & made recommendations on content & layout.

In my career, I have never been responsible for an organization’s website design & deployment. There were many things that were new to me and terms that I was not familiar with. As I would inquire, David was patient & clearly explained things in a way that was easy for me to understand. He seemed to effortlessly find the balance when tactfully suggesting that maybe we shouldn’t pursue something that we were thinking of, as he supported his viewpoint with fact, examples, & alternatives. He never said “no,” he just helped me to understand the trade-offs. I depended on his experience & knowledge as I navigated through the project.

As we continue to take advantage of additional Cisco & Strategic Insights offerings, that build upon the SharedVue platform, such as Seminar Management, I will strongly request that David continues to be our technical point of contact. It was a positive & enjoyable experience working with David.

Best Regards,