Nurturing socially distant relationships through ShareDirect

In summary ShareDirect has branded its technology as a "virtual handshake," and they contacted their former colleagues at Strategic Insights to tell that story in its simplest terms.


It’s not often that something comes along to so severely disrupt the business status quo, let alone a global pandemic. But concerns over hygiene will persist long after things are “back to normal,” and an age-old gesture like the simple handshake may never make a full comeback. Enter ShareDirect, scalable outreach technology that enables customer representatives to strengthen relationships from afar. “Digital technology has removed us from the human component,” states ShareDirect CEO Reid Overcash. “But people continue to want bi-directional communication from the companies they deal with.” Built on years of marketing technology innovation, ShareDirect is a means of reaching out more consistently–and more personally. Putting the tech-speak aside, this forward-thinking approach can be packaged as a “virtual handshake.” ShareDirect chose Strategic Insights to help them put out the word (and pictures).