Website redesign for Builders Mutual: construction completed

In summary As the new website's general contractor, Strategic Insights made the closing date without breaking a sweat.

Website redesign is part of the job around here, and it’s even more gratifying when we’re asked to redesign our own sites. Repeat business, right? Builders Mutual Insurance Company is a long-time client of Strategic Insights – our history together as client and agency extends back almost 17 years. So when they asked us to look at a total UI refresh for their website,, we looked upon it as a request from a valued family member and heartily embraced the challenge.

Builders Mutual is a regional insurance carrier providing residential and commercial construction insurance throughout the SouthEast.  We have been fortunate enough to have worked with them back when they were strictly North Carolina based and have continued our marketing efforts on their behalf over the years as they expanded to provide coverage to an additional 8 states – making them the dominant provider of workers’ comp insurance in the region.

The challenge: Create an online presence for a regional player that holds its own with the big boys

The challenge of the recent website redesign for Builders Mutual was to provide a more up-to-date, modern and professional appearance to their website – to make it a better tool for attracting new customers and be a more efficient and effective source of information for both their current policyholders and their agent base.  This new project represented the 5th generation website that we have created for the company and each iteration has eclipsed the previous version in terms of content and functionality. As their company has grown and changed over the years, our job was to make sure the online representation of their brand was well thought out and executed.

Additionally, Strategic Insights recommended up-fitting the multi-hundred page site with a responsive layout which automatically adjusts content to display in an optimized way whether the users view it on a desktop monitor, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.  We routinely and heartily endorse responsive website layouts to our clients whenever possible – the ongoing trend towards mobile web use over desktop web consumption shows no signs of slowing down.  Builders Mutual agreed with our recommendation and we were able to build out the new site with an eye on ease-of-use no matter what device is used to view it.

The verdict: Did Strategic Insights Deliver?

The new Builders Mutual website launched earlier this month and was received enthusiastically by the client, their employees and, most importantly, their customers.

“I worked closely with Strategic Insights throughout the whole website redesign process,” said Builders Mutual’s Senior Communications Coordinator Jennifer Allen.  “We talked through all the style features and tiny tweaks that make the overall site much easier to use than it’s predecessor.  The new web design is clean, well organized and simple to use.  The responsive layout means we no longer have a separate mobile site and our customers have a consistent experience no matter the device they use.  Response from our customers has been very positive and employees are happy with the new site as well.”

Can we deliver for you?

Strategic Insights places high value on good design and meeting clients’ goals.  We want the marketing tools that we create for our clients to be professional, effective and that will – above all – help their business to grow.  Interested in talking with us about a website or other marketing project? Contact us for a free, no-obligation chat.