At MiH Farm, business is growing

In summary Whole-plant hemp solutions, cultivated and formulated right here in central NC.

Whole-plant hemp solutions are taking root in North Carolina. Once a tobacco powerhouse, the state has been seeking ways to re-tool its economy for a post-smoking society. Though not a former tobacco farmer, Dave Palmer, of MiH Farm Organic Medicinal Extracts, had a vision of working with his wife to leverage her science background and do something that would not only sustain them but help people. They built an indoor/outdoor facility from scratch in Middlesex, NC to cultivate strains of hemp plants shown to alleviate a wide range of ailments.

Strategic Insights provided the branding foundation, including a website, logo, package design and consulting. Current products include a whole-plant extract salve (for day and nighttime use) and a whole-plant extract tincture. Other products are in development for both humans and their pets.