Loblolly Root Rot

In summary Despite its rhythm and musicality, for our untrained amateur actors, it was quite difficult to say. So "loblolly root rot" became "fallen trees."

“Loblolly root rot” is the next SFW curse! We shot a spot called “Trophy Room” a few months back for the North Carolina Department of Forestry. The message was meant to convince landowners to “Plan for Your Land” lest it get out of control and bleed them dry with fire or disease. The action revolved around a big game hunter relating his latest harrowing encounter in the forest to a group of young admirers. The eager audience shouts out their best guesses, one of which was scripted as “loblolly root rot.” This is an actual pine tree disease that can be brought on by rampant pine beetle infestation. It is also quite amusing to the ear.

Unfortunately, for our untrained amateur actors (remember, we were working with a state government budget), it was also quite difficult to say. So “loblolly root rot” became “fallen trees.” And the point was still made. In honor of the stricken phrase, we have vowed to use it as often as possible around the office as an expletive. Try it yourself–it’s quite satisfying when accompanied by a pounded fist on the desk.