Solid STEM resources empower Bright Futures

In summary New educational books capture kids' imagination and point them toward career options that appeal to a middle-school mindset.

Middle-grade career guidance has comprised much of Diane Lindsey Reeves career. Familiar with Chris Griffin’s formidable design work, Bright Futures Press author and publisher Diane Lindsey Reeves contacted Strategic Insights to help create multiple series of middle grade-oriented books as well as a website where school administrators could order them directly. Bright Futures author and publisher Diane Lindsey Reeves has devoted her career to helping students figure out what they want to be when they grow up.  She has written and/or produced more than one hundred titles across a range of publishers.

Bright Futures’ recent titles tackle STEM occupations in a fun and colorful way that appeal to open minds. Instead of blindly picking a career, these books encourage kids to first decide the types of skills they enjoy or excel and find a job that leverages them. Using this approach, even “being outside” qualifies a legitimate factor and could steer someone toward a career in construction, for example. Using simple but compelling language and a generous distribution of photos and graphics, both the book series and the website engage readers and invite them to explore overlooked or emerging career options.