Textbook design challenges Strategic Insights to “find its future”

In summary Local author and publisher launches multiple series of middle-school texts to entice kids to "binge" on future possibilities.

Textbook design is a highly specialized niche within graphic design. Bright Futures Press, through its founder Diane Lindsey Reeves, has had a long relationship with Strategic Insights and recently enlisted the agency to help her prepare an extensive series of textbooks for elementary and middle-grade readers.

The objective of Bright Futures books is to help “prime the pump” with early career exploration experiences that get students ready to take full advantage of high school career development opportunities like career academies, career pathways, and Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. The books are meant to be colorful, visually engaging and pique curiosity about potential careers in ways that older, more traditional resources don’t. Four series comprised the initial launch:

Strategic Insights sourced all the photography, provided the layouts for each book and even contributed some custom illustrations, most notably in the character of Jeremiah Oliver Baumgartner, or “JOB,” the star of the “Get a JOB” series. The books are supported with a new website that serves as an information hub for schools, retailers and libraries interested in learning more about the books and even ordering them online.

Diane started writing books with an emphasis on career awareness, to help kids of all ages figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Over time, she wrote and/or produced dozens of titles with publishers that include Facts On File, Zondervan, Prentice Hall, Sourcebooks, and Films for the Humanities. She also worked on a variety of custom publishing projects with clients that included the National Association of Manufacturers, Associated General Contractors, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the United States Department of Education. She is extremely pleased with Strategic Insights’ work and is already planning future books in the existing series as well as entirely new series.