Artisanal​ hemp remedies embodied in new MiH Farm hemp farm logo

In summary Middlesex, NC-based hemp farm studies the market and plant science to launch an artisanal line of CBD-related products.

MiH Farm is a Middlesex, NC-based hemp farm established in 2018 to create small-batch hemp products that utilize the extract of the entire plant. The farm maintains sanitary, “beyond organic” conditions from seed to shelf. All their products are tested by third-party labs and are free from pesticides, molds and harmful microbes. Working with owners Dave Palmer and Trish Roberts, Strategic Insights proposed a number of different logos to evoke the sense of hand-crafted commitment and organic methods.

The chosen logo is centered around the image of a country barn complemented by a cannabis leaf and rendered in earth tones of brown and green. Using the logo as a foundation, Strategic Insights created product packaging and a compact, editable website. MiH Farm currently offers CBD salves and whole-plant extracts and plans to expand its offerings as they are perfected.